Never mind the quanta, feel the width.

October 21, 2014

I’m still here & still struggling to get this permutation down properly, on paper or pixels.
This month has been a sad & stressful one for me and consequently, very little progress of late.
I’m searching for the right formal terms… somehow everything seems to hearken back to the axiom of choice?
Computational accuracy is restricted by finite machine range & precision. Floating point numbers are approximations of reals-irrationals. Arithmetic error arises from such granular numerical representation. In requiring an iterative, exponential, (fractional) function to conform with fixed, finite precision, we turn an injective function into a surjection. The axiom of choice is dependent upon existential instantiation, which appears to me, to have equivalence in this argument via the idealised, permissive notion of ‘transcendental precision’. In forcing the algorithmic rigour of finite accuracy, we substitute immanence for instantiation. Our fractional boolean function and its inverse, taken together under such conditions, constitutes a left-right >< right-left, (ternary<>binary) decision node with net entropy of one bit.
What manner of non commutative quadratic grouping is this?

Roma; 1933 – 2014
Beloved Mother, teacher of playful logic.


2 Responses to “Never mind the quanta, feel the width.”

  1. Joseph Nebus Says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough month.


    • Thanks Joseph, very much. Turmoil tends to spill over into other aspects of life. I”m coping quite well with my loss, not so well with extraneous issues. These things must be endured, each in their own respective ways and in time, they too shall pass.


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