The Three Toed Sloth of Entropy & the Ghost Orchid of Obfuscation.

January 14, 2015

PMquw‘Mathematistan’ by Martin Kuppe (click for large image)

Please forgive the flowery prose but whilst we await my much delayed & little anticipated magnum opus, (I promise to best of my ability, eventually there will be math!). If you will, indulge with me a moment in a little figurative fugue of fantasy which yesterday accompanied my mania. The most excellent map pictured above put me in mind of a quote, unsourced but perhaps from the popular Gleick book on Chaos? In which, the world of known mathematics was likened to little more than a small clearing in a vast jungle of non-linearity. And so there I pictured myself, lost. Hacking my way through dense tendrils of crypto-jungle with a very blunt mathematical machete, when it finally dawned on me that Bellare et al. had already over-flown & *surveyed this territory last September! That realisation left me somewhat dispirited. Slashing despondently on a ways further, I suddenly caught glimpse of the slovenly three toed sloth of entropy, retreating slowly into the canopy of binary trees and fractal vines hanging from on high. Then, bending down to examine the dense litter of assumption underfoot, I spied the most gorgeous, delicate, ghost orchid of obfuscation…


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