Determining Determinism

January 19, 2015

One of the the main problems with defining an atypical crypto-algorithm is that theory has long appropriated the language beforehand. Determinism Vs. nondeterminism being a case in point.
In this post, I incorrectly ascribed the property of nondeterminism to the algorithm.
At the time, it made naive sense for me to classify the surjective inverse leafs of my function as either determinate or nondeterminate however, a nondeterministic algorithm is one which may have different outputs over the same inputs. I’ve plainly used the term ‘nondeterminism’ incorretly.
What I should have described is internal, process derived ‘algorithmic’ determinism Vs. external, extrinsically imposed, ‘plaintext’ derived determinsm.
Or perhaps labelled them as deterministic & (pseudo) indeterministic?
One of many corrections to be made before this paper is finally couched in correct terminology & formalism. Meantime, on I plod. Trying to hold down a job, family, life, whilst keeping entropy at bay.


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