T.U’s April Fool Anniversary

April 1, 2015

Good  morning  fellow  fools!

If you’ll allow… a brief moment of levity? It is this blog’s first anniversary!

The pic above, a cryptic nod for the manga inclined. (Couldn’t resist a math meme.)

This endeavor  has certainly been a ‘soul-eater’ for me! For those familiar with the particular animee, the character Excalibur is equally as problematic as he is potentially powerful, perhaps mirroring the mathematical circumstance of OWF’s? http://souleater.wikia.com/wiki/Excalibur

In actuality, this blog was originally setup in march 2010, in anticipation of a ‘magical compression’ algorithm.
Lolz! More-the-fool-me! After eventually learning something of entropy and ‘pidgeon hole’ principles, I was about to give up when I realized the algorithm represented an almost equally magical, cryptographic ‘compression’ function.

I guess the real April fool is me, as I’ve struggled for twelve months to (largely) incoherently articulate exactly what it is, mathematically which distinguishes this function? I have learnt a lot over the past year… but mastered little!

I am pleased to report, on the heels of my promise to eventually deliver real math, that I’m about to hand the blog over to a real mathematician for a series of posts.
One whom is going to outline what I believe to be, a clearly articulated, elegantly simple, distilled proof of the direct paradox lying at heart of one-way-functions. His proof(s) (I believe), ultimately concern minimum-entropy matters in finite field functions, all following directly (in my belief) from the paradoxical implications inherent in ZFC.

Take it away, Alex!

P.S; All content coming at you from the southern hemisphere! 🙂


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