Arithmetic Circuit Complexity, Recent Advances

May 2, 2015

Arithmetic Circuit Complexity, recent advances @ ‘Turing Machine’ blog.
Lower Bounds for Sums of Products of Low arity Polynomials Kayal & Saha, Apri 2015.


5 Responses to “Arithmetic Circuit Complexity, Recent Advances”

  1. vznvzn Says:

    hey thx man! why not just bite the bullet & join SE chat? interested to hear from you 😀

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  2. Cheers vzn.
    Well! I *was* on threshold of qualifying for SE chat and then @e-sushi pinged me for spamming ‘roll-your-own’ crypto. FW!
    Thanks for your above post. Reblogged as may (possibly) have relevance to topics presented here. Am also following Baez cospan morphism thread a.t.m. He hints at discussing correlative morphisms in upcoming post.
    Look forward to revealing my full ignorance to you in chat one (some) day…


  3. vznvzn Says:

    what is “FW”? dude it only take 4 Q or 2 A upvotes to get 20pts on the site & chat privileges anywhere! the site is strict about Q/A content & mods can/ tend to be very strict sometimes, but the chat rooms on other hand are quite flexible.


  4. Arrrm… for win? ;P
    Yes, chat would be more productive space I feel. I’ll work up a question ot two.


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