Dud Bombe

May 9, 2015


Photo Credit; Bob Lord, wikipedia.

‘The Imitation Game’ is a dramaturgical turd of a movie. A stinkng historical smear upon the millions of man-woman hours of tortuous, incremental teamwork at Bletchley Park. Additionally, it’s an insult to the Polish mathematicians whom provided a ready made platform for subsequent British breakthroughs.
Sure, Alan Turing was a genius and visionary but he wasn’t some autistic savant single-handedly saving the world! It’s a matter of historical record that he ‘played (reasonably) well with others’, albeit in his own solitarily distracted & eccentric manner.
The scene showing ‘Hut-8’ deciding the fate of a naval convoy is nothing short of comical. Elsewhere, the movie does a (fleetingly) better job of acknowledging the awful moral calculus which came consequent with the cracking of Enigma.


One Response to “Dud Bombe”

  1. https://medium.com/@MrGrahamMoore/how-to-write-about-characters-who-are-smarter-than-you-c7c956944847

    I’d read the excellent defense (above) of the script by Graham Moore before viewing the movie & was favourably disposed to his plot justifications. So, was expecting a degree of dramatic license… I could go on & on about its deficiencies but :- short story, it sucks.


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