A Tangled Web

February 6, 2016

Charlottes-Webb-TerrificA nice pigeon-pair of posts from George Danezis, Reader in Security and Privacy Engineering (A.P) at University College, London. Well worth reading in tandem. The first being a bit of a ‘you are here’, overview of the state-of-art in cryptography and the security assumptions thereof.


The second post looks into the implications behind a recently published Snowden-GCHQ document from 2011 which goes to the nitty-gritty of the (then) data-mining capabilities of GCHQ. Danezis hints at the likelihood national agencies now posses the ability to trace ‘Tor’ type anonymizing sources. Of interest from my viewpoint, it also provides a rare glimpse into the vertical integration extant between academia & national security. Something worth keeping in mind when there’s a crescendo of governmental voices clamouring for default crypto-backdoors. 😉




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