Asymmetric & Symmetric Primitives

March 6, 2016

A short note by way of raising discussion on some ‘key’differences between the involution logic of the Alex DeCastro work presented here and the PRG, temporal error feed-forward of my algorithm.

Alex’s work, consisting of an one-way (permutation) involution over GF2, is presumably best suited to construction of asymmetric, public key encryption schemes. I note that he has published a version of the protocol here, with application to private information retrieval.
I’m not sure if his method can be extended to private key exchange, excuse my ignorance?
As far as I can make out, this would involve a lot of polling back-and-forth between Bob & Alice. There is a name for this class of public key extension? I came across it recently and can’t remember the reference. My understanding is that all asymmetric key protocols are susceptible to man-in-middle attacks anyhow & so, extended polling may not be an issue within this framework?

I.M.H.O, the greatest potential for my algorithm, other than it’s yet to be formally qualified security strength,  lies with construction of symmetric, synchronous, user-sided, key exchange & certification protocols. (Apple take note!) More about that perhaps at a later date…

Phill. S


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