Spreadsheet Note

March 23, 2016

Will be out of the office over Easter so, the following brief note;

As a few visitors of late have taken the effort of viewing the Excel spreadsheet, I thought I’d point out the following (obvious) point to save any confusion. The message ‘coding’ that occurs in the spreadsheet is just pseudo-random.

Laziness on my behalf, perhaps some of you drive-by comp.sci whiz’s would like to help out with a working demo?

Meantime, I hope to get some substance  & life resurrected into this blog post Easter break, in time for its second anniversary…

Safe travels, catch you on the flip side.


3 Responses to “Spreadsheet Note”

  1. Joseph Nebus Says:

    Have you been doing all right? I’ve been buried underneath piles of things to take care of myself the last several weeks.

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  2. Thanks for the interest Joseph! Yes, time is a major factor. Between commuting away from home for work, handling rolling family crisis etc. Daughter started Uni this year, son has been having adolescent issues… & so it goes.
    I have two great posts pending, the first is a kind of ’round-up’ review of crypto. The second… well, let’s just say my mind is reeling. I’m checking my assumptions over, & over. Huge if things are as they appear but I’ve been here before & know how easily deceived are we hoomans. Stay tuned.


  3. Easily deceived is he… ; /


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