Web 3.0; Because Blockchain?

August 1, 2016

Albert Wengcrackeder, venture capitalist at Union Square Ventures, puts forward compelling arguments for a decentralised internet protocol layer. An idea whose time has come?
His proposal; blockchain, blockchain, blockchain…
He envisions incentive for this tectonic tech shift arising via value from a reserved token portion of any distributed crypto protocol(s).

I can see the enourmous potential benefit in any decentralised IP protocol which enables semantic utility but there already exists, planetary scale inertia in capture of the status quo . And are there any better candidates than blockchain? That model has scaling issues, ledger overhead and even more importantly, arbitrary semantic structure. A replacement with the self-same attendant problems handicapping HTTP, plus even some new unforeseen ones?
Correlated hashing as per this site’s trapdoor scheme is my two-bobs worth… (this concept deserves its own explanatory post. I will see what I can do?)
Private crytpo contracts from correlated hashings constitute an evolutionary step higher up the disruption hierarchy than any block-headed legerdemain…
How to start the revolution?

tumblr post; Crypto Tokens and the Coming Age of Protocol Innovation
by Albert Wengler

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